Pedestrian Protest

In a new commission for the Vancouver Art Gallery's Offsite, Vancouver based artists Evann Siebens and Keith Doyle explore how a moving body, whether in solitude or en masse, can become a political act. Pedestrian Protest includes 24 media performances, created by collaborators, that reference histories of protest, current and past. The individuals and collectives were filmed and edited by Evann Siebens and combined into a collage of photo, media and movement. Each location, chosen by a project collaborator, is uniquely emblematic and linked to specific histories or present places of demonstration and activism. Keith Doyle responds to this mapping of the city through his sculptural intervention, referring to the precarious and temporary conditions of Vancouver’s constantly changing built environment.


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Ralph Escamillan

Artist’s Statement

My name is Ralph Escamillan--a Canadian born, Queer, Filipino/a/x diasporic creator based in Vancouver, BC. The work I create questions my fascination with identity, traditions, clothing and the influence of pop culture in a globalising society. My experience in a multitude of rooms--as a dancer, choreographer and community leader--has lent me the opportunity to see the discrepancy of privilege in society, and hope to shift this narrative through my work. I believe the body is powerful and important in communicating these ideas, and we should support the body's autonomy/agency, political values, and ancestral legacy. My goals now are to create more spaces to foster artists like myself, to speak about stories that can connect to people like myself, so that I am not speaking by myself anymore.


Artist's website: Ralph Escamillan
Artist's website: FakeKnot

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